"I admire creative spirits, Many styles are appealing to me and like every artist I have been influenced by earlier artists, from Rembrandt to Keith Haring and anyone in between. That's probably the reason my artwork is reflecting different styles. I think most of my works have one thing in common. They show who I really am: a dreamer. Positive and humorous. Lost in words and vision."

Eduard Meinema creates a variety of artwork: expressionism, realism and pop-art. Both in paintings and sculptures, mostly divided into three main streams:

Lyric Abstract

Expressionistic works, created with acrylics and sand on canvas or wood. Mixed with natural materials. These paintings reflect natural sceneries, landscapes and cities. The style of old Dutch landscape painters is revised into abstract images. 
Influenced by the contemporary Dutch master of Lyric Abstract art, Peter Schenk (1944-2011), who personally explained Meinema the value of 'less is more'. 

Meinema's abstract paintings often refer to underwater landscapes, coral reefs. The love for small objects can be seen in the series of daily Mini Abstract paintings, also called Daily Abstractions, which are also used as headers of the blog entries and bookcover background of Eduard's thrillers.


The simple, clear lined paintings of Keith Haring, the comics of Hergé (but mostly André Franquin); they all inspired Meinema to create pictograms of life. Straight drawings; characters based on one or only a few lines, telling a story in only one figure. Sketches and notes of daily life are combined into 'Skredches' (written sketches). The characters are easy recognized. Their heads mainly existing of a big nose, directly connected to their feet.

A weekly updated blog shows these thoughts and minor philosophies. The final artwork is either a multi colored painting showing the Skredch character as main image, or an abstract painting with the original character small and hardly recognisable incorporated. Many Skredch characters are also used as basis for sculptures. Licensed merchandise of these characters include T-shirts, mugs and much more. 


"I remember my dad and I went to the LFS (local fish shop) where he bought me an aquarium and some guppies. Next day, my seventh birthday, one of the pregnant females had delivered a few dozen young guppies. The best birthday present ever.It started a love for fish that has never ended."

The wonderful colors, amazing variety of shapes and fascinating behavior. It's all been used in the weekly blog 'A Queer Fish'. 

Except for paintings and sculptures (and nowadays licensed merchandise) Eduard Meinema has produced numerous black and white line drawings, used in several aquarist magazines. Some to accompany his own, non fiction, articles about breeding and collecting fish, others as magazine covers.

As in his other artworks, fishpaintings are mostly made of acrylics and sand. "Water and sand, a great  way to picture fish..." Reality with a humorous twist. Probably the best way to describe the mutliple artworks of Eduard Meinema. 

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