416022301 Barker [2016, Short]


Genre: Short Fiction
Language: English.
Finished: 23 February, 2016.
Author: Eduard Meinema
Words: 5050.
IRC updated: March 11, 2016.


Vinyed 216.01
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Walking the dog, Brandon Flinders sees flashlights in the sky, moving towards an unknown, but nearby airstrip. Flinders wonders what’s going on. Smugglers…aliens? He tries to find out, following the lights in the middle of the night. What will he find?


When I am walking my own dog at night, I often see lights from airplanes. I know these planes are going to land nearby at Rotterdam Airport. But what if I didn't know. Would I still be feeling comfortable?

List of characters

Characters alphabetical by last name. Nicknames and characters only known by their first name or their last name, are given underneath this list. Unnamed characters are not listed!
  • Bradley - police officer
  • mrs. Deville - neighbor
  • Brandon Flinders - protagonist
  • Sheila Flinders - Brandon's wife
  • Jaguar - the dog
  • Donald Riker - farmowner
  • Steve Townsend - neighbor